Royalty Free Stock Designs by Patrimonio

  1. Intimidating Knight with Crossed Arms Above a Blank Banner with Shield in Background
  2. Retro Black and White Fit Lady Working out with a Dumbbell in a Red Circle
  3. Retro Male Cameraman Filming in a Blue and Yellow Hexagon
  4. Retro Fire Fighter Guy Holding a Hose on His Shoulders over an American Flag
  5. Cartoon Farmer Driving a Tractor
  6. Retro Black and White Trailer Outlined in Yellow
  7. Retro Mad Scientist Looking up at a Test Tube
  8. Flying Goose and Sun
  9. Cartoon Retro Winged Centaur Archer
  10. Knight Charging Forward with a Spear on a Horse
  11. Retro Knight Trying to Spear a Dragon to Death
  12. Knight in Full Armor, Holding a Sword and English Shield
  13. A Scientist Guy Using a Microscope in a White Orange and Red Circle
  14. Retro Woodcut Loaf of Bread with Slices and Knife on a Board in an Oval
  15. Real Estate Agent Man Holding a House in a Shield
  16. Hockey Player in an Oval of Blue Rays
  17. A Christian Cross and Open Bible in an American Flag Arch
  18. Retro Farmer and Horses Plowing a Field in a Diamond
  19. Retro Male Electrician with a Plug Around His Neck in a Shield
  20. Retro Woodcut Buffalo Head in a Circle
  21. Retro Garbage Guy and Truck in a Shield
  22. Retro Male Custodian Janitor in a Shield
  23. Retro Drainlayer Guy Carrying a Shovel and Pipe in a Shield
  24. Silhouetted Excavator Machine in a Shield
  25. Architect Man Drawing Plans over Skyscrapers in a Shield
  26. Male Chef in a Kung Fu Fighting Stance Inside a Circle
  27. Retro Farmer Driving a Tractor on a Farm in a Shield
  28. Retro Woodcut Hazchem Worker in a Circle
  29. Retro Woodcut Male Chef Serving a Roasted Chicken in a Gray and Brown Circle
  30. Retro Woodcut Male Chef with a Spatula in a Brown and Yellow Circle
  31. Retro Woodcut Grizzly Bear Roaring in a Maroon and Orange Shield
  32. Cartoon Rainbow Trout Fish
  33. Bald Eagle American Flag in a Shield
  34. Retro Male Boxer Punching in a Blue White and Orange Shield
  35. Retro Jockey Racing a Horse in a Blue White and Yellow Shield
  36. Fit Lady Doing Bicep Curls with a Dumbbell in a White Blue and Yellow Shield
  37. Retro Male Cricket Batsman in a Blue and Yellow Circle
  38. Retro Male Butcher Sharpening a Knife in a Circle
  39. Cartoon Retro Male Home Bulider Carrying a House and Hammer in a Shield
  40. Retro Male Builder Tipping His Hardhat in a Blue and Orange Circle
  41. Retro Woodcut Longhorn Steer Bull in a Red and Yellow Circle
  42. Retro Woodcut Cowboy Swinging a Lasso over an American Shield
  43. A Fearless Howling Buck Deer in a Brown White and Blue Circle
  44. Happy Cartoon Paramedic Guy with a First Aid Kit in a White and Orange Circle
  45. Male Janitor with a Mop in a Blue White and Yellow Circle
  46. Retro Male Construction Worker Rolling up His Sleeve in a Brown White and Blue Circle
  47. Retro Caucasian Male Plumber Holding up a Monkey Wrench in a Blue White and Taupe Circle
  48. Hungry Tiger Growling in a Green Circle
  49. American Frontiersman, Davy Crockett, Holding a Rifle in a Blue White and Orange Circle
  50. Retro Male Bartender Carrying a Keg in a Brown and Orange Shield
  51. Retro Pheasant Bird Flying
  52. Cartoon Male Plumber with a Plunger and Monkey Wrench in a Yellow Blue and White Shield
  53. Retro Woodcut Rooster in a Blue Maroon and White Shield
  54. Male Chef Holding up a Fork in a Brown Orange and White Circle
  55. Retro Woodcut Male Field Hokey Player in a Taupe White and Pink Oval
  56. Retro Woodcut Male Field Hokey Player in a Blue White and Yellow Shield
  57. Cartoon Male Engineer Holding a T Square in a Blue Circle
  58. Retro Arm Wrestling Man in a Blue White and Orange Circle
  59. Retro Zeus Holding a Thunder Bolt in a Blue White and Yellow Circle
  60. Cartoon Retro Wild Boar Pig in a Brown White and Blue Circle
  61. Cartoon Carton Happy Pig Chef in a Maroon Blue and White Shield
  62. Retro Male Marathon Runner over an American Stars and Stripes Circle
  63. Cartoon Retro Female Mechanic Holding a Wrench in a Red White and Orange Shield
  64. Retro Ambulance Driver Waving in a Brown White and Yellow Circle
  65. A White Male Farmer with a Rake on a Farm Inside a Circle
  66. Cartoon White Male Flatbed Truck Driver Waving
  67. Retro Cheering American Football Player in a Yellow Green White and Orange Circle
  68. House Painter Girl Using a Brush in a Green White and Yellow Shield
  69. Retro Female Chef Mixing Ingredients in a Bowl Inside a Red White and Green Circle
  70. Cartoon Marching Elephant
  71. Cartoon Greyhound Dog in a Blue White and Orange Circle
  72. Cartoon Retro Jack Russell Terrier Dog in a Brown White and Yellow Circle
  73. Cartoon Male Fishmonger Holding a Catch and Emerging from a Maroon White and Pink Shield
  74. Retro Woodcut Male Farmer Holding a Basket of Tomatoes and Gazing at One in a Green and Brown Oval
  75. Weightlifter Hand with a Barbell and Kettlebell Emerging from a Ray Shield
  76. Baker with a Bread Loaf over a Red Circle
  77. Cartoon Retro Marching Band Drummer Guy
  78. Retro Male Construction Worker Carrying an I Beam and Emerging from an American Flag Shield
  79. Hermes Man with a Caduceus - Yellow and White Circle Theme
  80. Briefcase and Business Handshake with a Calculator in an Oval
  81. Retro Woodcut Female Hiker over Mountains and Sunshine in a Shield
  82. Cartoon Retro Male Bodybuilder Lifting a Kettlebell and Emerging from a Yellow and Red Ray Circle
  83. Retro White Male Secret Agent Holding up an Id Badge
  84. A Barber Man Cutting a Client's Hair with Clippers in an American Flag Circle
  85. Cartoon Growling Purple Black Panther Cat in a Blue White and Taupe Circle
  86. Retro Leaping Atlantic Salmon Fish and Green Water Splash in a Brown and Tan Circle
  87. Sketched or Engraved Crossed Spade and Pitchfork over Green Harvest Produce
  88. Cartoon Green Cobra Snake
  89. A Cartoon Cobra Snake in a Yellow Black White and Red Shield
  90. Cartoon Red Bulldog Head in Profile, Facing Right
  91. A Fearless Pitbull Guard Dog in a Red Black White and Taupe Circle
  92. A Cartoon Hippogriff Mythical Creature Mascot
  93. Retro Male Plumber Holding a Monkey Wrench and Looking to the Side in a Teal White and Tan Circle
  94. Cartoon White Male Baseball Player Pitching in a Green and Yellow Uniform
  95. Shot Put Athlete Guy Throwing in a Blue White and Turquoise Circle
  96. Retro Coffee Cup, Spoon and Saucer in an Orange Blue and Tan Shield
  97. A Politician Cartoon Democratic Donkey in a Suit, Waving an American Flag
  98. Colorful Athlete Fencing
  99. Welder Visor Mask, Rold Holder with Cable and Electrode in a Shield of Sunshine
  100. House Wife or Maid Ironing Laundry in a Yellow and Purple Circle
  101. Muscular Woman Working out with a Dumbbell and Doing Bicep Curls in a Turquoise Circle
  102. Retro Woodcut Blue Baseball Catcher in a Squat Position
  103. Cartoon Neanderthal Caveman Plumber Holding a Monkey Wrench over His Shoulder in a Blue and White Circle
  104. Cartoon White Male American Football Girdiron Player Catching a Football
  105. Cartoon Retro White Male Plumber Holding up a Giant Monkey Wrench
  106. Retro Crossed Spanner and Monkey Wrenches
  107. A Blue and Yellow Forklift - Woodcut Theme
  108. Retro Woodcut Black and White Male Boxer Jabbing in a Red Circle
  109. Retro Wpa Styled Male Worker Marching Wtih a Flag
  110. Retro Fly Fisherman Reeling in a Trout or Salmon Fish from a Boat in a Teal and Green Oval
  111. Profiled Retro Camera Guy Filming in a Blue White and Gray Shield
  112. Retro Woodcut Still Life of Harvest Vegetables and Fruit with Trees in a Brown Circle
  113. Cartoon Retro White Male Mechanic Holding up a Giant Spanner Wrench in a Brown White and Yellow Shield
  114. Retro Farmer Guy Holding a Shovel Against Farmland in a Brown and Yellow Circle
  115. Cartoon Moose Head Emerging from a Black White and Yellow Circle
  116. Retro Red Big Rig Truck
  117. Cartoon Retro Roll off Bin Dump Truck
  118. Retro Sitting Welsh Terrier Dog
  119. Retro Tiger in a Yellow, Red and White Circle
  120. A Jumping Trout Fish over Water
  121. Tattooed Strong Arms Wrestling, in Drawing Sketch Style
  122. Knight or Saint George Fighting a Dragon in a Yellow and Blue Circle
  123. Retro Movie Director Camera Guy in a Lined Circle
  124. Retro Gold Miner Guy Standing with a Shovel in a Mountain and Sunshine Shield
  125. Cartoon Chimney Sweep Worker Holding a Broom in a Circle
  126. Cartoon Gray Wolf Leaping, with a Red Outline
  127. Retro Puma Clawing
  128. Retro Secret Agent Standing with Folded Arms
  129. Retro Red Pickup Truck from the Low Front
  130. Retro Pheasant Bird
  131. Knight with a Lance on a Jousting Horse 2
  132. Retro Loch Ness Monster Pliosaur Dinosaur
  133. Retro Black and White Walking Wooly Mammoth
  134. Blue Sports Car
  135. Aggressive Winged Demon or Devil
  136. Retro Running Greyhound Dog 2
  137. Retro Jumping Yellow and Blue Catfish
  138. Cartoon Computer Monitor Mascot Holding a Diagnostics Stethoscope
  139. Retro Bucket Truck with an Electrican and Pole
  140. Retro Cowboy Shooting on Horseback
  141. A Camera Guy Working over a Red Circle
  142. Retro Big Rig Truck with Flames
  143. Retro Butcher Cutting a Ham over an Arch of Rays
  144. Cartoon Baseball Player Standing and Holding a Bat over His Shoulders
  145. Happy Baseball Player Batting over a Field Diamond 2
  146. Retro Red Jumbo Jet Propeller Airplane over a Winged Globe
  147. Retro Roman God Mercury or Greek God Hermes with a Winged Hat over an Orange Circle
  148. Yellow and Blue Female Netball Player over Rays
  149. British Knight on Horseback with a Lance
  150. Dark British Knight Armed with Sword and Protective Shield
  151. Dark Knight with Sword and Shield
  152. Blue Knight with Sword
  153. Knight Standing Above Knights Text Logo
  154. Retro Knight Riding Horse with Lance Above Blank Banner
  155. Knight Attacking Snake Spear While on a White Horse - Retro Style
  156. Strong Cartoon Horse Inside the Zero of 2014
  157. Smiling Cartoon Jockey Jumping a Horse over a 2014 Bar
  158. Cartoon News Boy Delivering a 'Happy New Year 2014' Newspaper
  159. Smiling Cartoon Santa Holding a 2014 Scroll
  160. Cartoon Turkey Celebrating the New Year over a 2013-2014 Banner
  161. Retro Knight Standing with Arms Crossed
  162. Retro Knight with Shield and Sword