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Royalty Free Stock Designs by AtStockIllustration

  1. Ornate Purple Grape Vines with Urn Pattern Background
  2. Ornate Curling Vines over Green Background
  3. Smiling Santa Claus Face with Hat and Beard
  4. Medical Bandages over an Injured Planet Earth
  5. Sick Emoticon Smiley Face Vomiting
  6. Happy Christmas Santa Face
  7. 16 Unique Weather Icons
  8. Six Avatars; Party Man, Viking, Elvis Presley, Knight, James Bond, and a Judge
  9. Young Knight Wearing Armor While Holding a Lance and Shield
  10. 3d Stethoscope Wrapped Around Sick House
  11. Brown Hearts on Swirling Vines Background
  12. A Smiling Cartoon Christmas Santa
  13. Santa Claus Chef Delivering Platter
  14. Strong Super Hero Santa Flexing Muscles
  15. DJ Santa Mixing Christmas Music on Turntable
  16. Santa Giving Thumb up with Surf Board
  17. Santa Claus Standing with Presents
  18. Santa Claus Holding a List and Pointing Finger
  19. Santa Claus Carrying a Sack of Toys over His Shoulder
  20. Black Leafy Swirl Butterfly Tattoo Design Element Border Background